Institute of Positive Education

Geelong Grammar School, Australia

    The Institute of Positive Education is an initiative by Geelong Grammar School in Australia that aims at improving student wellbeing.  The primary role of the Institute is to deliver transformational educational programmes to promote wellbeing throughout the world. The institute aims to teach students valuable life skills on which they can increase their learning capacity and build a successful and happy life. The Institute is also dedicated to nurturing the growth of Positive Education through the provision of training, research and development.



    Workshop C (Part I & II)  工作坊 C(第一、二部分)
    (Day 1 & 2 / 22 & 23.11.2018 / 13:30-16:30)*

    Embedding Character Strengths


    In English       以英語進行(設廣東話即場傳譯)


    How could knowing and utilising your own strengths and the strengths of those around you transform your school and your teaching practice? These 2 half-day workshops will explore the language and framework of the VIA Character Strength classification, and how these can be applied and embedded in a school setting.

    Participants will gain an understanding of:

    • The VIA Character Strengths classification
    • Ideas on how character can be learned, practiced and cultivated
    • Examples of how character strengths can be used to enhance teaching and learning across your school
    • A range of easy to implement character strength applications which can be used immediately in your classroom


    認識及發揮你和你身邊人的強項,可如何為你的學校及教學實踐帶來轉變?這個工作坊將分兩個半天,探討「VIA 性格強項」(VIA Character Strength)的理論架構、分類及語言,以及於學校情境之中的應用及融入。


    • VIA 性格強項的分類
    • 如何學習、實踐及培養個人品格
    • 透過例子展示如何利用性格強項提升整所學校的教學
    • 一系列容易實施、可馬上應用於課堂的實踐方式

    *participants must attend workshops on 22 & 23 Nov




    Workshop G   工作坊 G    (Day 3 / 24.11.2018 / 09:00-16:30 )

    Value-based Stress Management


    In English       以英語進行(設廣東話即場傳譯)


    Stress levels of teachers and school leaders are amongst the highest of any profession in Australia. With the constant pressures faced by educators, stress, frustration, disappointment, fear, anxiety and sadness, when not managed effectively, can have a significant detrimental impact on the lives of teachers and school communities.

    This one-day workshop is designed to allow educators to explore and practise a new set of skills emerging from the fields of Acceptance & Commitment Training (ACT) and Mindfulness. The goal of this workshop is to help you discover, learn and practise an evidence-based set of skills and techniques specifically designed to help you better manage the inevitable stressors that come with such meaningful work, and to think, make decisions and act more in line with your core values.

    Participants will gain an understanding of:

    • How their unique set of values drive their behaviour
    • Ideas on how educators can handle stress more effectively by applying mindful awareness and acceptance of emotional experience – rather than avoidance
    • Examples of how connecting with and acting in line with core values can be used to support colleagues, inform leadership decisions, and enhance psychological flexibility in classroom practice
    • Specific skills in how to be less reactive to situations and unhelpful thinking patterns



    這個全天工作坊的設計,專為協助教育工作者探索及實踐一套源自「接納及承諾訓練」(Acceptance & Commitment Training, ACT)及 靜觀(Mindfulness)的技巧。工作坊的目標是協助您探索、學習及實踐這套具實証基礎、專門設計的技巧,協助您更好地處理教學這項極具意義的工作之中無可避免的壓力源頭,並且更貼近你的核心價值去思考、抉擇及行動。


    • 個人獨有的價值如何驅動自己的行為
    • 教育工作者如何透過應用靜觀意識及接納個人情緒經驗(而不是逃避)來更好地處理壓力
    • 透過例子理解如何連繫及貼近個人核心價值,來支援同工、優化領導決策,以及提升課堂內的心理靈活性
    • 如何掌握技巧以減少被動地面對不同處境及無助的思考模式