Dr. Edward Brooks

Executive Director, Oxford Character Project

    Edward Brooks is the Executive Director of the Oxford Character Project. His research explores themes relating to character formation for leadership, which he applies in his role as head the Oxford Global Leadership Initiative. This cohort-based program seeks to engage students from diverse backgrounds, challenging assumptions about the nature of leadership by focusing on the virtues of character necessary for leaders to serve the public good. Beyond Oxford, he has developed and led student forums on character and leadership in partnership with other organizations, including the Europaeum (an association of leading European universities), the London School of Economics and the University of Hong Kong. He has recently embarked on a new initiative, in conjunction with Eton College and the London Academy of Excellence, to develop and pilot a character and leadership programme for year 12 students. He also heads an interdisciplinary research project on ‘The Arts of Leading’, which draws together researchers from different Oxford faculties to consider questions of leadership from the perspective of the humanities. Edward’s doctorate, also at the University of Oxford, focused on the virtue of hope, exploring discourses in theology and philosophy to consider how hope might be understood and cultivated in late modernity. He is married to Liubov and kept busy by three “energetic” young children.



    Keynote   主題演講     (Day 2 / 23.11.2018 / 09:00-12:20 )

    Cultivating Wise Thinkers and Good Leaders


    In English       以英語進行(設廣東話即時傳譯)


    Established in 2014, the Oxford Character Project joins interdisciplinary research on moral formation with character-focused leadership development programs for students at the University of Oxford and beyond. Our aim is to help students learn to think in a way that is not only clever but wise, and to lead in a way that does not simply further their personal ambition but actively seeks the wider good of society. This presentation will discuss the contemporary importance of character-based leadership education before introducing the theoretical framework and curriculum of our flagship program, the Oxford Global Leadership Initiative. This extra-curricular program was developed for small cohorts of university students and is currently being piloted in two UK schools. The presentation will outline the rationale for the six virtues on which we focus, introduce the curriculum, describe the seven research-based methods of character development that comprise its theoretical framework, and share the results from four years of activity. The conclusion will offer some reflections on the transferability of our approach to character education for leadership in educational institutions and cultural contexts in different parts of the world.

    Oxford Character Project於2014年創立,專為英國牛津大學及其他地方學生而設,結合品德發展研究和品格為本的領導培訓於一身。計劃目的是幫助學生思考上明智而不止於機巧,擔任領袖時不只追求個人抱負,而是積極為大眾尋求更大的利益。本環節將討論品格為本的領導教育在現今社會的重要性,然後介紹旗艦計劃Oxford Global Leadership Initiative的框架和課程。這個跨課程計劃針對大學生小組而設,現時在兩間英國學校試行。演講將介紹計劃所聚焦探討的六個美德、課程概覽、七個具有研究根據的品格教育方式及其理論框架,以及分享計劃進行四年來的成果。環節尾聲將總結計劃對品格教育的反思,並探討相關手法如何轉移到世界各地的教育機構和文化環境。



    Workshop F   工作坊  F   (Day 2 / 23.11.2018 / 13:30-16:30 )

    Leading with Character


    In English       以英語進行


    This interactive workshop will explore the importance of character development for leadership, both for educators in existing leadership roles and in preparing students for lives of leadership that serve the public good. The first part will explore what character is and why it matters for leadership, drawing out important qualities of leaders and identifying public and personal exemplars. There will be a particular focus on the virtues of practical wisdom and humility as important qualities for leaders to develop. The second part will consider some particular ways that character can be developed in and for leadership contexts. The workshop will draw on research from the Oxford Character Project but the intention is for an active and engaging discussion where teachers and school principals can contribute insights from their own experiences of leadership and learn from each other.

    這個互動工作坊將探索品格發展對領導的重要性,特別適合現職領導崗位的教育工作者,以及有意培養學生樂於服務、關注大眾利益的同工參加。工作坊第一部分將探索品格的內涵和對領導的重要性,討論領袖的重要特質,並就公眾和個人例子進行探討。工作坊會特別聚焦於「實用智慧」(practical wisdom)和「謙遜」(humility)的美德,討論領袖需要發展的關鍵素質。工作坊第二部分將走進不同情境,展示發展領袖品格的不同方法。工作坊會引用Oxford Character Project的研究促進討論,讓參與教師和校長根據各自的領導經驗提出見解,互相學習。